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Goojje, New Google Competitor Rising from China

February 2nd, 2010 0 Comments

Threats walk out Google from China, was well received, as evidenced by the existence of the new search engine created to compete with Google. Name Goojje search engines, be an additional row of the reputation of China who liked to copy many items such as designer clothing, DVDs, and search engine Google. Goojje itself has started operating since 14 January.

Meanwhile, Google Inc. said that 2 days earlier that it might be a substitute Goojje and exciting portal from China. Goojje name itself is a strange name, considering the pronunciation “jje” such as China comes from the language which means ‘elder sister’, while “gle” from Google if it is defined in China means ‘brother’.

Goojje ( has a search engine and provides social networking services. Home page Goojje have the Google logo style that combines the search engines ‘brother’ and top search engine in China, Baidu Inc.. “My sister is very happy when my younger brother gave up and left the older sister. “As written in Goojje website. However, Google has not commented about this

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No Comment to “Goojje, New Google Competitor Rising from China”

  1. gadgetboi says:

    a “backup” if google left china for good :mrgreen:

  2. […] lama niat untuk cabut dari china karena akibat ulah dari hacker china dan ditambah lagi dengan kompetitor lokal dari china Google tampaknya sudah 99.9 persen yakin bahwa pihaknya akan mematikan search engine Google di […]

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