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10 largest social bookmarks

February 2nd, 2010 0 Comments

one trick is to get a very good visit is to register our URL, or post to various social bookmarking, here are 10 social bookmarking is the largest ever, and until now still there.
The following list

1. Blinklist.com – Blinklist.com is very user friendly. Any first time user on this website will have no problem finding their way around the website. Once you add your bookmark, it very simple to view it at anytime. All bookmarks are saved with a screen shot of the website, short description and the URL.

2. Digg.com – Digg.com is a very recognized social news website with a very positive reputation. It was due to the popularity of digg.com that many other social networking websites were formed. Anything bookmarked to digg.com will rank high on Google and other search engines. Digg.com meets all the criteria’s used for this list, it is very user friendly, easy to use and has many users.

3. Newsvine.com- Newsvine.com is excellent because not only can you bookmark content on your website, but you can also view all the up-to-date news information all other users have to offer. An excellent advantage is that newsvine.com has so many users that the possibility of attracting many readers is unavoidable, which is excellent for your business.

4. Sphinn.com – One of my favorite websites for many reasons. One, it is very easy to navigate (I like easy). Second, it breaks down all news posts, for example, “hot news” is broken down into sections that are very important to the success of every website like SEO and PPC, etc..

5. Mixx.com – This is a flourishing bookmarking and social media network. Fellow bookmarking website competitors include digg.com and reddit.com.

6. Reddit.com – Stories submitted to reddit.com immediately available for readers to view and vote. Like other social bookmarking websites, more votes on your post the higher the rank it will receive. Once s registered user, you have access to view your submitted bookmarks along with those bookmarks that were either liked or disliked by other readers. This is an excellent tool to help you track not only whether it was liked but also if it was read.

7. Delicious.com – delicious.com is an excellent source for social bookmarking which allows its users to create tags, save them to your account and share all tags with the public. As said by delicious.com “Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet.” Once again, very user friendly and easy to bookmark websites. Delicious is owned by Yahoo and is a must have for your social media and bookmarking strategy.

8. Propeller.com – Remember Netscape? For those of you who do, Netscape was purchased by AOL in 1998 and is now better known as Propeller, which is an excellent social bookmarking community. Once an account is created and a link has been added, readers can vote, comment, share with a friend or even bookmark for later reading. Sources say they should be redesigning the websites appearance soon, looking forward to it.

9. Bookmarktracker.com – If you’re the type of internet user that prefers not to download programs into your computer than this is the social bookmarking website for you. Most websites require downloading of software in order to successfully bookmark items. Bookmarktracker.com allows you to copy and paste the website URL into a field in your account and as easy as that the bookmarking is done.

10. Startaid.com – Last but not least, staraid.com is another excellent social bookmarking website which allows you to create a customized homepage for each account holder. In this homepage, account holders are able to see all bookmarks and manage them as well.

Social bookmarking websites have become a popular way to store, manage and share search links on the internet.

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