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gmail in the collapse of hackers

January 17th, 2010 0 Comments

gmail in the collapse of hackers atau gmail di bobol para hacker dalam bahasa indonesianye

A few hours after Google revealed a Gmail account hacker cases that made by China, the giant company will improve security in their email service with automatic web session mengkripsi entirely. Google’s changes made are intended to be a Gmail session is automatically protected from the ordinary to finish with protocol SSL or Secure Socket Layer, even when the user did not request. For now, users must check the settings in Gmail to get the option ‘always encrypted’.

Changes made Google also significantly to protect the hidden attacks, which makes intruder can read and modify the traffic by sitting in between the victim and the site being viewed by users. However, these automated systems still use https. Https considered Google can make a slow mail access because the data is not encrypted on the web and can not be accessed quickly as the data is not encrypted.
Users who do not want this feature https can go to your Gmail settings, and uncheck the “Do not always use https”. However, even so, Google will continue to make encrypted Gmail login page

jangan lupa dukung saya di sini

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    sekali lagi tinggalkan jejak disini
    sukses selalu suka web id

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