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Silat Betawi- Past and Future

February 6th, 2009 0 Comments

Silat Betawi- Past and FutureThe martial arts styles found in the area of Jakarta (previously known as Batavia) have played an important role in the development and dynamic of this city since before it became a the modern metropolis it is today. Historically, Jakarta has been the melting pot for various cultures and nationalities from all over Southeast Asia as well as India, China, The Middle East, Portugal, Holland, and others.In 1527 a general named Fatahillah took...

New interpretation of Nyai Dasima, a Betawi story

February 6th, 2009 1 Comment

New interpretation of Nyai Dasima, a Betawi storyIf he chooses the former, his version would be just like five earlier versions of the story. If he opts for the latter, he will be deviating from the standard plot that has prevailed for the last 250 years. “”I’m confused now. Should I kill Dasima or let her live at the end of the story,”" said Rusdi, now busy preparing for the performance of Nyai Dasima as a musical drama with the very metropolitan title Madam Dasima. continue...

download lengkap lagi bang bens

January 1st, 2009 0 Comments

download lengkap lagi bang benspagi pagi yang dingin, ambil minum kopi me singkong goeng n ubi lebus... enaknya dengerin bang bens... tp kite download dulu laginye... silahkan... cuma untuk berbagi.... 1.Benyamin-Ida Royani-Sawah Ladang 2.Benyamin-Ida Royani- Ramadhan 3.Benyamin-Ida Royani- Sayur Lodeh 4.Benyamin-Ida Royani- Ratu Laut Jawa 5.Benyamin-Ida Royani- Surilang 6.Benyamin-Ida Royani - Sinyo Kemaroyan 7.Benyamin-Ida Royani - Trem listrik 8.Benyamin-Ida Royani...

download lengkap lagi bang bens

January 1st, 2009 2 Comments

download lengkap lagi bang bensdownload lengkap lagi bang bens klik disini untuk mendownload lagu lagu lengkap bang benyamin baca selanjutnya .............