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Get Your Pagerank

March 31st, 2010 19 Comments

Actually what I do for SEO blog is the usual techniques commonly used and is the SEO tips that have been spread in cyberspace, among others:

1. Submit URL to Google, including verifying domain ownership and delivery of the sitemap.
Registration site address (or domain) is not enough in Google Addurl, but need also in Google Webmaster Tool. Why? Because the Google Webmaster Tools can help us regarding any issues that need to be addressed within our site in order to “search engine friendly”. Services include Google Webmaster Tool: link problems (eg broken links, unreachable links, robots.txt), a site map index (sitemaps), keywords meta tag analysis, content analysis, and so forth. If we can verify the domain ownership, we are also given access to see statistics on how often the Google crawler and indexing to access our site.

2. Custom WordPress SEO Plugins that support, among others:
* All in One SEO Plugin: to assist in filling in the meta tag keywords, meta tag title, and meta tag description
* Google XML Sitemap: to generate a standard XML-formatted site map, which contains links to all articles and pages
* Related Posts: URL to add visibility and backlinks to other articles of internal site

3. Correction of the structure (X) HTML.
Themes that I use was originally using XHTML 1.1 Strict standards (contained in the Document Type Definition (DTD) it, but almost all post the editing is WordPress version 2.7.1 always follow standards XHTML 1.0 Transitional XHTML resulting structure of this site becomes unsuitable W3C standards. With DTD editing the template themes became as XHTML 1.0 Transitional document, eventually these templates and site structure is valid.

4. Backlink exchange with another blog, URL submissions, and take advantage of Ping Services.
To be more frequent and easily found by search engine crawlers, of course we must be able to target site from other sites. Blogroll on the sidebar of this blog section there are some blogs / sites that exchange links with my site. In addition I register my site to take advantage of several community Blogs and ping service.
Several ping services that I use to support the SEO, among others (added to the “/ wp-admin/options-writing.php”):
5. Various other ways as a guide “Google Friendly Site”: reading Your Site To Familiar with Google.

sekarang lanjut lagi disini

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19 Comments to “Get Your Pagerank”

  1. darahbiroe says:

    makasih udah share
    saya akan langsung menuju TKp na heheh

    berkunjung dan ditunggu kunjungan baliknya
    salam blogger

  2. darahbiroe says:

    ijin emngamankan pertamax heheh bulehkan 😀

  3. antok says:

    wah nice post
    langsung praktekin hehehhe


  4. Rahad 2 Six says:

    info yg bermanfaat nih..
    trims ya….

  5. Rahad 2 Six says:

    info yg bermanfaat nih..
    trims ya….

  6. Alwi says:

    Mantab bro cuman yg ping service tambah berat gak yaaa loadingnya

  7. FaiS says:

    ku tidak paham kaLau postingan bahasa inggris…

  8. win says:

    thx for sharing

  9. wah, ping seperti itu kalau dimasukkan lewat dashbor pasti akan banyak membantu popularitas blog. terima kasih infonya.

  10. Alwi says:

    Em kaming sob … mengunjungi sobat semoga sehat wal afiat tambah fresh tambah seger dan tambah Ok ….

  11. Reza Fauzi says:

    pengen dah punya pagerank, haha

  12. citromduro says:

    salam kenal
    nampaknya ini kunjungan pertama
    saya belum dapat PR nih

  13. arif says:

    klo mbenerin code saya ga mudeng, kpn2 saya coba link2 di atas

  14. iswady says:

    mantap infonya sobat, langsung aja menuju lokasi

  15. tomi says:

    wah tips yang menarikk.. saya terapkan ah. sapa tau PR ny bisa tambah mlesat hehehe

  16. TKB says:

    Bahasanya kok planetan semuwa mas?

  17. TKB says:

    Itu saya barusan nyoba nyang kok erorr 404 mas. Hihihi… 😆

  18. TKB says:

    Barusan aku komeng nyang ke 789 mas, mau ngasih apa nih?

  19. Bang Iwan says:

    makasih atas infonya…

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